How You'll Transform Your Mornings:

  • Create a realistic routine that excites you and turns chaotic mornings into focused time for yourself

  • Beat procrastination with a simple, step-by-step routine using research-backed ADHD advice

  • Adapt your support systems and environment to help you effortlessly stick to your routine

  • Create long-term consistency with self-compassion practices that work even on the tough days

A reliable routine can make all the difference.

Take back control of your mornings, your days, and by extension - your life!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to Create Your Ideal Morning Routine

    Choose the right habits for you, assess their difficulty and time requirements, and arrange them for optimal effectiveness!

  • ADHD-Friendly Ways to Optimize Your Routine

    Automate your routine with a simple app and design your systems and environment for an easier approach you can stick to.

  • Realistic Strategies for Long-Term Consistency

    Let go of neurotypical ideals and develop a mindset that builds your confidence - you can do hard things long-term!

What You'll Receive:

  • 20 Digestible, ADHD-Friendly Video Lessons

  • 5 Bonus Videos to Fail-Proof Your Routine

  • 2 Printable Workbooks to Follow Along

  • 1 Printable Challenge Template

  • Advice on Medication, Nutrition, Sleep, and More!

  • Lifetime Access Anywhere, Anytime


    1. Watch me first! (Course Structure & Plan)

    1. The Importance of Morning Routines

    2. The Challenges of ADHD

    1. ⚠️ Download your workbook ⚠️

    2. Achievable Goals

    3. Productive Habits

    4. Options, Baby

    5. Time & Effort

    1. Step 1: The Right Habits

    2. Step 2: The Right Order

    3. Step 3: The Right Time

    4. Your First Routine

    1. Start off Strong

    2. Design your Environment

    3. Challenge Yourself

    4. Reward Yourself

    5. Stay Flexible

    1. Get Out There!

    2. Experiment, Adjust, Iterate

    3. Cultivate Consistency

What's inside:

  • 25 ADHD-Friendly lessons
  • Over 1 hour of video content
  • Printable workbooks, templates and bonus content

Why I Created This Course:

Hi, I'm Antonia, your fellow ADHD navigator and coach.

Like many of you, I've been through the struggle of trying to stick to routines that just don't work for my ADHD brain. I spent years in a cycle of frustration and disappointment, feeling like I was constantly failing at something so seemingly simple.

When I stopped trying to squeeze into the neurotypical mold, everything finally clicked. I stopped wasting my mornings in bed, procrastinating and rushing to start the day on time. My mornings became an empowering time to care for myself and create a sense of achievement and self-compassion!

This course distills my lessons and experience into a simple, step-by-step system. It's designed to help you sidestep the struggles I faced and establish a straightforward routine that sets you up for focus, productivity, and success. Start your day with intention, then GO GET 'EM, TIGER!

Here's The Result I Want You To See:

This past year, for the first time in my life, I went over a year of doing my morning routine every single day.

That's the achievement I want you to see!

What Students Say About Me:

"The decision to have Antonia as my coach was a major turning point in my life! I was able to focus on how I live my life overall and develop a healthy mindset. I learned so much while working with her and I'm so glad to have finally found a coach who is knowledgeable and works with me and my circumstances!"

Dolly (Organisation Expert & Superparent)

"I found Antonia to be a very sensitive and understanding coach. Her patient and loving nature helped me work through certain blockages and emotions, which was very relieving. I was suddenly able to tackle tasks that I would not have thought possible when I was working on the solution."

Yasmin (IT-Professional & Superparent)

"As much as I wanted to believe I didn’t need help - or even a morning routine - having Antonia’s support has been amazing. While our ADHD manifests differently, her different experiences and understanding of how it affects my functioning have been incredibly helpful."

 Aaron (Freelance Media Expert)

Who This Course Is For:

  • Motivated ADHD-ers who want to take back their mornings in an ADHD-friendly way

  • Overwhelmed ADHD-ers who want to add structure to their day without losing freedom

  • Discouraged ADHD-ers tired of the shame and trying to build habits the neurotypical way

Who It Is Not For:

  • Non-ADHD-ers who don't need specialised advice and modifications for neurodivergents

  • Those who don't want to use a free mobile application or other supporting solutions

  • Anyone unwilling to experiment and try out several different strategies without giving up

Money Back Guarantee

Not what you expected? No problem! Reach out within 30-days of your purchase and I'll send you a refund.


  • Will this course really work for me?

    Yes, eventually, I am confident that it will. But you need to arm yourself with a little patience and experiment, especially if you haven't tried ADHD-coaching, therapy, or medication so far.

    It takes a while to reprogram your brain!

  • Will you just tell me things I already know?

    Most information on habit building and routines out there is created for neurotypical people and it does not work as effectively for our brains.

    This course is created especially for people with ADHD. It's a completely different approach!

  • How long is the course?

    There are 25 lessons in the course between one and eight minutes long. In total, it is one hour and fifteen minutes long.

  • Can I access it at any time?

    Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course.

  • Can I watch it from my phone or tablet?

    Yes, you can watch it with Thinkific's mobile app or through the browser on any device.

  • How can I use the workbooks and templates?

    The workbooks can be filled out using the keyboard or with a stylus on a touchscreen display. You can also print them out, of course.

    The challenge template is best to use printed, but it can also be filled out digitally.

  • Will I need to download anything else?

    Yes, you will need the Routinery app for iOS or Android. It is the best supporting app for establishing routines that I know of and it is completely free for two routines.

    Over 2 million people have used it so far and it's growing quickly!

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Certainly, if you're not satisfied within 30 days, I offer a full refund. Just email me!